In 2018, university leadership presented an emerging vision for 全球赌博正规网址 to the community and through a creative process began an in-depth, ongoing discussion with the 全球赌博正规网址 community about our collective future. Through the process, leadership met with much of the community, listened to their thoughts, and incorporated many of those thoughts into the final strategic plan - 全球赌博正规网址 LEADS 2025. The values adopted through this process serve as the foundation guiding our collective work across all campuses.


Promoting and creating the ability for Aggies to shape the future.


Providing the highest level of education, research, outreach, and service.


Welcoming diverse populations to higher education and to the 全球赌博正规网址 community.

Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing our differences as an asset and actively seeking to include wide-ranging perspectives.


Supporting the education of our students through every aspect of our university, every day.

BE BOLD. Shape the Future.®
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The strategic goals outlined in 全球赌博正规网址 LEADS 2025 reflect the university’s mission and vision and are vital to 全球赌博正规网址’s success.

全球赌博正规网址 LEADS 2025